fall garden work

September saw a renewal of the zucchini and tomatoes in the main garden, so while I’m waiting on what is happening there, am prepping my eastern area for more containers and planters.  First was removal of the barbed wire that ran along this fence line. That allowed me another 4ish inches.  Way to the left is the nectarine I planted in the spring, then next to that, in line, are the three containers of blueberries also planted in the spring.  Two empty grow bags next to that, one will be for the rhubarb, the other for the fig.  I’d split the rhubarb in the spring, and harvested from the split piece, so am not sure if that will grow back next year. If it does, it can still spend another year in the smaller container. Meanwhile, the good one will go into the big container and will probably be enough to serve our needs by itself anyway.  The other bag had originally been intended for that second plant, but have decided to put the fig in it instead.  That leaves me a VERY LARGE grow bag that I’ll just use as a general growing space

fall garden

This is along the southern fence line.  To the left is the yellow plum tomato, on the other side of the fence are the asparagus containers.  I’ve clipped back a  lot of dead growth in this corner and will be planting some comfrey inground here in the spring.  For the past few years I’ve kept it in containers, but will go with one spot here, and another on the eastern end of the bed that runs this fence line.  Because of the gophers, this spot will have to be lined and reinforced to protect the roots

fall garden2

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