garden update

been awhile since I’ve updated the garden activities.  Am still working on switching out and rearranging my grow bags and containers in the eastern garden.  Did get the low big grow bag (50” x 12”) swapped out for a 36” x 20” one and planted with garlic and onions.  My south bed is planted with Shallots and another 36 x 20” grow bag is planted with garlic.


Some of my freshly planted asparagus kicked up shoots.

nov garden 001We’ve had some light frosts so far this season, but nothing that touched the garden plants.  That may change this week with our first winter storm barreling through, so harvested the last of the ripe tomatoes, the zucchini and chard you see here.  Plenty more green tomatoes, more chard, and some spaghetti squash out there still.  The squash is far from developed, so a hard frost will take that all out.  If not, they can continue to grow!

Had a reminder today of how important it is to stay in shape!  Went to gather some small wood for the fireplace this morning and just a few strips with small branches totally exhausted me.  How will I carry logs when we get to that portion of the program??

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