Winter Sweater

Was able to do a test knit for someone I know on Ravelry: Petra Breakstone, Crema Cardigan.  It was a lovely slouchy loose knit sweater, which I translated into a bulky slouchy sweater for winter wear.  and I didn’t like it when done.  When you look at the pic you’ll think that’s kind of cool, as long as I wore it just like that.  But once I tried fastening it together in anyway, the amount of material that made up the front panels was just too much.  Plus the weight tended to pull it off my shoulders.

sweater Crema cardigan per pattern. Buly yarn, bulky body, not appealing. Picture looks okay, it didn’t feel that great on!

It was just not to my taste so I took it apart and refashioned it into a more mundane cardigan.  Had already realized the bell sleeves of the original design were not going to cut it and had shifted the design to create a cuff. took out the sleeves, unraveled the collar and one panel then reknit.  The panel I’d pulled apart had stitch increases, which were left out of the remake.  Then I made shoulder seams, before picking up the rest of the neckline and creating the collar. Added nearly an inch to every other row through stitch increases for a total of 7”.

cremafinished sweater, unblocked

crema1using a shawl pin to close the front – actually it’s a hair piece

ne day I may try this again, using a lighter yarn with big loose stitches for an entirely different look.


it was a very educational experience.

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