turkey leftovers

I’m not at all fond of turkey.  Don’t even like the smell of it as it cooks.  But every thanksgiving I dutifully cook us a 16lb or more bird.  There are only two of us, although we have 3 regular guests.  With sending some home, I still get enough meat to last us for quite a few meals – which is great, cause then I don’t have to smell it cooking for those meals. But turkey carcasses, when brined carefully, yield lots of good tasting stock!  While I still have a package of meat left over from T’day, we finished the soup that bird left us.

turkey stockThis year the husband wanted turkey again for Christmas.  So more meat in the freezer and last night we had big bowls of turkey tortilla soup for dinner.  and this is the stock left over.  I’m not canning this, just sealed it hot and put it in the fridge as it will be the base for soups for the next few weeks.

New Year’s day will be a ham.  and since I have canned split pea soup and lentil soup, I’ll probably make a stock of the bone so I can make some navy bean soup and have some stock left over for something else thick and rich one night.

These are the meals that make me glad for cold winter nights!

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