garden update 2016

With the record breaking heat, have to get the garden up and running quick or will be into the high heat dirth before anything has a chance!  This is one of my container areas that is getting totally re-arranged.  The big square was up on a pallet and the bigger black round grow bag was on a pallet behind it.  That left me with room for a couple of pots next to the raised bed and a little pathway between the bed and the containers along the fence.  This arrangement opens up the space and gives me room for the grey grow bag.  There is another right next to me, unseen in this shot, which will be for arugula, left in the cooler shady area all the time.  The rest of this area gets good strong morning sun, but nice afternoon shade.


If you look at this earlier post you can get an idea of that old arrangement. Couldn’t find a better shot in earlier posts and failed to do a “before” as well as the after

the spikey plant in the upper left is visible in both pics to give some reference, as are some of the bags on the far right

Obviously a lot more room to walk around with the hose for watering and room enough for some other smaller grow bags that come and go for short term seasonal planting.

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