That time of year when garden updates are frequent.

First, potatoes.  Since I’m container growing my potatoes,  its been largely experimentation rather than success.  So this year bought some real seed potatoes (8 in the package, already sprouting), NORLAND.  Putting them on the west side of the house where they will get a lot of sun, but not the usual 12 hours they have been in the past.  The house will limit them in the AM, and the neighbor’s fence will cut them off PM, so probably about 6 hours.  Am using some of the same size grow bags I’d bought for the asparagus, this is about 20″ x 20″ and  requires 4 liters of soil (2 big bags) each!  2 seed potatoes in each bag.

See all the containers how have asparagus sprouting, so 100% viability on the plants.

We lined the 4′ square frame (keep the critters out and the soil in) today and began filling. So far 5 x 2liter bags.  Will now add compost, have 3 garbage cans full of pretty well aged stuff.  Then top off with more bagged potting soil.

Promised rain has disappeared from the forecast, but windy and cooler weather on its way.

Still have to move the hive box, bees should be here in 3 weeks

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