expanding my growing space


IMG_0700The four potato “bags”.  There is no reason why potatoes can’t be grown in containers, people do it all the time. So why do I have such little success? probably has to do with heat.  Since our neighbor was kind enough to put up a solid wood fence on this side of the house last year (it had been an ordinary chain link), it gave me permission to use this side of the house without having to worry about “how it looked”.  It also limits the amount of sun and heat that this little bit of the lot gets.  At the height of summer, its probably about 6 hours, vs the nearly 12 they got in the container growing area.

IMG_0701Same side of the house has a 250gallon water tank (collecting from a small area of the roof). have just added this hose so I can easily reach my plantings; here you can see two rosemary and there is some iris over by the gate.  The potato bags would be to the far left of the picture if it were a panoramic.  No more having to fill a container and take it back and forth.  Just turn the spigot and water is delivered.

Or at least, until its all gone!  Wish we’d get some rain . .

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