canning bacon

For most, why do I need to can bacon, is the question.  Sometimes, its nice to test skills.  Sometimes, we live without electricity; be it camping, extended power outage, or a SHTF situation when there won’t be a refrigerator or freezer to draw from.  Canned bacon is available commercially, but once opened, that can of bacon has a limited shelf life without refrigeration, which leads us back to why we even need canned bacon. 

I’m not going to get into how, there is plenty of information out there on the details.  There is also lots of side comments.  This is my experience and results.

IMG_0704 (1024x767)The supermarket had “natural” uncured bacon on sale; just under $5 for 12oz package, so it was a good time to buy and try.  Most of the negative comments I’ve read on the process has to do with the amount of fat.  Fat build up in the jars and/or fat being pushed out through the canning process.

IMG_0705 (1024x767)So my first inclination was to reduce the fat.  With this package, it was to make it “center cut” bacon.

IMG_0708 (736x651)I’m using pint jars, although it probably could have been done in wide mouth quart jars and left the wrapped bacon unfolded. But then I’d have more bacon in each jar and would be guessing at how long to pressure it.  Everything I’ve read says 90 minutes and at my altitude its 15lbs pressure.  A lot of them said that it didn’t matter if the wrapped bacon was a little taller than the jar, it would push down.  No it doesn’t.

IMG_0709 (1024x549)this bacon was cut shorter. used some old paper bags, which is what I had on hand.  One for the bottom

IMG_0710 (1024x557)One for the top, then folded in half, rolled up

IMG_0711 (1024x660)and put into the jars.  As you can see, I did some of them with less than the full quantity.  There are only two of us, and once a jar is open, if we have no electricity, then what?  So smaller quantities seemed prudent, and it is all experiment isn’t it. PLUS one of the packages of bacon had the fat in the middle, so those slices were cut in half and didn’t have to be folded, making smaller packages for putting in the jars.

IMG_0713 (1024x440) As usual, let everything cool for 24 hours before removing the rings and wiping down the jars. 

With removing the fat first, didn’t get a lot of fat in the jars, nor did I have any fat “blow out” and get all over everything.  Initially it seemed all the jars had sealed, but after the 24 hours, the overfilled jar was not. Its in the refrigerator now waiting to be used.

Since this is basically just precooked bacon, don’t doubt that it will crisp up nicely when its time to use it.

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