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A few years ago, tried my hand at bee keeping. and I failed.  Never knew exactly why the hive failed, lack of experience is probably the answer.

Last year had ordered a package of bees and with the approval of a neighbor, had moved the top bar box nearer to the house.  But the package never came and was not able to catch a swarm and so the box stayed empty.

Late last year found a  company here in AZ selling bees.  Now, we have a lot of tropical (ie. Africanized) bees here, so am hoping this is a mellow package, but am prepared for them not to be.

Anyway, the package pick up is Sunday.  Because we now have a dog that likes to chase flying insects, have moved the box further from the house.  There are many differences between this location and the last, and having taken some classes and workshops, have a bit more hands on experience with the bees too.

So before Sunday comes, have to sweep out the hive, re-wax the bars, set up the feeder, and be ready for a quick install as the weather is supposed to be a little cooler this weekend.

One difference since last time, am going to try to make pollen substitute patties to supplement the sugar syrup.  They’ve missed one part of the nectar flow here and the second one hasn’t started yet, and even then, it can be really slim pickings here in the upper desert.  Especially as they are not the only bees around.

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