the miracle of duct tape

Without a doubt, in the general world, women do not have the same reverence for duct tape that men do.  In the garden I use these metal pieces to create large hoops.  They originally came with little sleeves for this purpose, but that made too big a hoop, and singly, too small.  And in one of those magic DUH moments, I realized I could make them any size I want, and I do.  What wasn’t done, was to finish this project, attend to the last detail, which was to find a way to completely cover the sharp end pieces.  They have cut through shade cloths, frost blankets, and my skin.



And in another DUH moment, there was DUCT TAPE.

IMG_0717 ends covered and protected


IMG_0716 sealing the ends of the shade cloth that is unraveling.

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