waiting for the bees


IMG_0735Hive box set up and waiting.  Feeder inside in the back, hard to see, but water hanging from tree; glass bowl with corks.  Bees coming earlier than expected, have to pick up at 1 rather than 2 which is all the better

IMG_0736Broccoli Raab, in the greenhouse. Using a piece of frost blanket as shade cloth. seems to be working fine so far in keeping the greenhouse just a little cooler by the south windows.

IMG_0737hard to see them, 5 tomato seedlings.  These are an heirloom, striped Roma. Indeterminate.  Have grown them in the greenhouse before and they did fine, so trying them again for an early start on some plants

IMG_0738The first shade cloth is up on the main garden bed.  Peas at the far end, hence that portion a bit higher.  Like using a shade cloth over the hoops, cause if I need to use frost blanket too, the shade cloth supports the frost blanket if it snows or gets wet.  Works so well, that a few years ago the hoops were crushed by the weight of the snow, rather than the frost blanket dripping down and touching the plants and/or ripped.  Easy enough to push the cloth back to water or work.

IMG_0739 On the east side of the garden, using hardware cloth as shade cloth.  It also works and is sturdier than the material, though not as wide.  Also have a piece of the hardware cloth up on the side to help protect the plants from sun and wind.

Clothes pins work well for holding all this down. and are easy to move if I want to push this all back to plant more.  The hoops are high enough, and the cloth narrow enough that I can water under them.

Sun is intense here, even in April, as we are at 4500 feet.  Later a full size shade cloth will go up and over the entire bedding area.  These cloths stay on as much as possible though as they help protect the plants from wind as well as sun.

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