busy days in the garden


IMG_0741 (1024x768)installed the package of bees last night.  Opened it this AM to make sure they were there, and see how they are doing.  The skinny spacer slats are over the queen’s cage and the bees are all huddled around them.  Only a cork in the queen’s cage and the instructions are to wait 5 days, remove cork and replace with a marshmallow.  Think I may wait a bit less than the 5 days.

IMG_0743 (1024x768)two varieties of Shallots.  One is from store bought so have no clue. The other was a box of “seed” shallots bought at the supermarket and have no clue.  The store bought have the same kind of round leaves as onions, the box has a flat leaf like garlic.

IMG_0744 (1024x768) The round leaf variety is producing a scape, similar to how my flat leaf garlic does!

IMG_0745 (1024x768)Egyptian walking onions, getting ready to start walking!  When the bulbils form, clip them off and root them in a pot. yes they get crowded. In the fall split them up and plant them for spring harvest.

IMG_0746 (1024x768)The lemon balm which lived in that little grow bag last year is now directly in the dirt.  next to that is the Kiwi coming back, next to that is Arugula. First time growing arugula and here its more for the bees than for eating – although we will probably do that too.

IMG_0747 (1024x767)finally finished filling these growing containers, far left is misc. peppers.  have never had much luck with peppers no matter how they have been grown.  This section of the garden gets less sun than the other, so we’ll see what happens.  Next to that is bush zucchini

IMG_0748 (1024x766)Roma tomatoes

IMG_0749 (1024x767)Still getting light frost, so protection is in order.  Our last frost date is officially May 15, but we can have under 40 nights right through the end of May.  Do not have the patience for wall o waters.

IMG_0750 (1024x587)The Ghost garden.  this surrounds the zucchini and peppers.

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