preserving dried foods

using the slow cooker, 2lbs of white beans, with bacon and left over pulled pork, other seasonings.  Measured out enough to fill one pint canning jar.  that was laid out on one drying sheet.  Then did 3 other sheets and one can for the fridge.  One pint jar is enough for sides for 2 people, or a big meal for one person.

IMG_0714 (1024x767)wet, straight out of the pot

IMG_0715 (1024x766)when one side was dried, or pretty much so, flipped and continued drying

IMG_0753 (1024x768) when completely dry, measured how much one sheet equaled as a dry cup.  since I know this was a wet pint, know I need one cup water (maybe a little more) to rehydrate one cup dry.

IMG_0755 (767x1024) all four cups of dried beans in a canning jar with lid.  Oven canned this; let it sit open in the oven while heating to temp, put the lid in for a while for the sealing compound to soften. then top on and screwed down the ring.  This pic taken before it was cool. when completely cool, lid sealed.  jar labeled and put away!

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