releasing the queen

The instructions with this package were to wait five days then remove the cork from the queen cage and replace with a marshmallow.  Its only been 4 (hived the package late Sunday and today is Thursday), but when I pulled out the cork, the queen walked right out of the cage, so into the hive she went.  Was unable to see any mark on her, so finding her may be a bit of a problem later on.

In other news, the bees have been busy building comb.  Found two that were set off at right angles to the top bars and pulled them right off. The bees were busiest right around where the queen cage had been hanging, so am taking that as a sign they were accepting her.  Hope I’m right!

Will leave them alone now for awhile.  Have been in there too much the last 4 days between the hiving of the package, moving the feeder and this morning.  We’re going away this weekend, so will stay out of the hive until we come back.

Did not get to take pictures this AM as only have two hands, so am going to get one of our employees his own bee net so he can be my photographer.  He’s fascinated with the bees, so doubt that he’ll mind. and Yes, I’ll ask him first!

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2 Responses to releasing the queen

  1. BeeNuts says:

    Looking good – expect to see eggs on your next inspection.

  2. logtownacres says:

    I was hoping to have bees this year but as sometimes happens, life got in the way. Good luck

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