why you need portable power

Having a “solar generator” is the next big thing!  And I had one, a Goal Zero Yeti 150 (which I’ve just sold, another story).  Basically, this is just a portable power pack that can be recharged via a solar array. Also, via your car and your home 110v electrical system.  BUT it can be charged via solar panels so it is not just portable, but allows for Glamping.

Today had a flat tire.  Fortunately, made it to a gas station, tried pumping in air, it leaked out about as fast as I pumped it in. Time for a tire change.  This is a fancy dancy new car, modern technology.  Friend and I, two women in our mid-60’s, neither of whom have ever changed a tire. First, read the manual which was so Germanically over technical it was difficult to understand.  Got out the parts, blocked the wheels, read the next stage.

Gentleman comes over to help.  Takes one look at the jack and says I’ve never seen one like that. and off he goes.

Fortunately, about then, my knight in shining pick up truck shows up and takes over the task of the tire change.

Now comes the fun part, we have to pump up the space saver spare.  The car even comes with an air compressor.  Can we figure out how to get to the battery to hook the damn thing up.  NO.  The women couldn’t figure out how to access the battery. The men couldn’t figure out how to access the battery.  We couldn’t figure out how to get power to the damn compressor!

Fortunately, we were at the gas station, they did have an air device that took credit cards!  Yes, it costs that much money to pump a tire with air.

the fun of figuring out how this tire worked is another story.  BUT the moral is, if we had been on the side of the road we would have been SOL because we couldn’t have used the air compressor, unless we had PORTABLE POWER!


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