It seems longer, but it has only been two weeks since I hived the package of bees.  A few days later released the queen.  Was supposed to pull the cork and put in a marshmallow for the workers to chew through, but as soon as the cork was removed, she walked out of the cage.

Has the hive accepted her? it was suggested that I leave the hive be for a week (have been feeding sugar syrup and they are taking over 2 cups a day!), and watch for workers bringing in pollen and then open the hive and see if there is any brood.

Do see a little, and I mean LITTLE pollen coming in.  There is some flowering going on and have seen bees out and about, still, little pollen.  Even though this is a top bar hive with a landing board, the bees are really flying into the opening without a touchdown, making observation hard.

The other thing, since Monday its been cool and windy.  Below average temps cool and with that and the wind, not ideal conditions to open the hive and check for brood.  Do see, through the observation window, that comb is being built.  They are still taking syrup. There is lots of buzzing going on in front of the hive.  The cool weather would also affect how the bees are foraging.

On the other hand, there is a limit to how long I can wait to see if the queen is laying or needs to be replaced!  We’re supposed to have more cool weather with rain all weekend. Hopefully, by Monday I can open the hive and inspect, but that will be cutting it close if it needs to be requeened!

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