opened the hive

Have 7 well formed comb, like these two. all showing capped syrup, some pollen, and am pretty sure there is some brood here too.  There is a seventh comb about half this size and the bees were just lining up to start work on the 8th bar.  Did not want to keep the hive open too long, and did not take out the first two bars.  Think the queen was on the 3rd. Not that I spotted her specifically, but there was a cluster of bees in one spot on the front face of that third bar comb.  Did not want to leave the hive open too long. click on any picture to enlarge

IMG_0759 (1280x713) This is bar #4

IMG_0759 close up of #4,

IMG_0760 (1280x740)bar #5

IMG_0760close up of #5

back side of the comb is pretty much like this front.

Am seeing bees on the shrub oak flowers, and they are probably on the Pyrocantha too.  Some of the flowers are happening and have found them in the greenhouse on the brassica, pansies and even the geraniums.  Some of my squash are starting to flower and know they like them a lot!

It is 2 weeks and 2 days size putting the package in the hive

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One Response to opened the hive

  1. BeeNuts says:

    What beautiful white comb – so much nicer than the nasty old black comb you see in some hives. They seem to be settling in nicely.

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