sacks of potatoes

Probably my last experiment with growing potatoes.  Am using an area on the west side of the house, under some trees, next to our neighbor’s fence.  This area gets only about 6-8 hours of sunlight a day compared to the area I’ve used in the past that gets 8-12.  It stays cooler longer in the morning.  So far the potatoes are responding well.  The black grow bags each have 2 seed potatoes. purchased at the local grocers when I walked in one day and saw these boxes of potatoes and onions.  Small enough for the household garden.  The green bag has two potatoes that had started to sprout in the pantry from regular store bought eating potatoes.

IMG_0762 The black bags each hold a minimum of 3 cu feet of soil, maybe a little more, while the green one takes 2 cu feet of soil.  So far I’ve used a total of 7.5 cu feet of soil in all 4 bags, so I’ll let them grow a little more and then top off the soil

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