canned bacon update

When I did the canned bacon thing, one can did not seal and I put that in the fridge to use, which I started on yesterday.

First, when I researched canning bacon, everyone said to use regular bacon.  That may mean something different to the homesteader making their own to the person buying bacon, I don’t know.  I used “regular” bacon, rather than “thick sliced bacon”, trimming off the really excess fat.

When I unrolled the strip of bacon from the jar in the fridge, it crumbled as it stuck to the paper, rather than lifting easily.  As I was just making a bacon and egg sandwich, that was no biggy.  The bacon heated nicely, the little fat that transferred to the pan melted easily, and the meat browned up nicely.

Thinking that the problem might have been how cold the bacon was, today I let it come to room temp before attempting to remove from the paper, and it did work a little better.  BUT as soon as it started to get hot, the fat melted away leaving bacon crumbles in the pan rather than slices of bacon.

So, should I have used thick sliced bacon? Did I have it in the canner too long? Everyone of the blogs I read have them removing nice sliced bacon from the paper.  Are the 3 people who have that experience posting while the other 97 have the same experience I am? and what and how is the consistency of commercially canned bacon?

Oh well, SHTF, I’ve got some bacon.  Otherwise, I’ve got some bacon which I can use for making refries, crumbles, in hash browns or mashed potatoes, etc.

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