Solar power update

Having charged the Goal Zero Yeti400 with the solar panel, today used to power the water pump that moves water from the rain tank UPHILL (not a big uphill, nor a huge distance) to water the main garden.

The battery was supposed to be charged 100%, the pump never pulled more than 200W and after about 45 minutes, it read 40%.  That seems like too much, as I think its 400W an hour, so 200W should take an hour.  Of course, depending on the meter, it may not have been FULLY charged to 100% despite the reading.  The meter is in 20% increments, so 40% could have been 50, and 100% to start might have been 90.

If it had been hooked up to a power in source as it was being used, the power drain would have been less, but if I’m going to run an electric line, would just skip the GZ!

Anyway, by the time I was done, the sun was up so hooked up the 100W solar panel and read the input as being 49%.  That could be the angle of the panel to the sun, or how the unit was accepting the charge.  After about 2-1/2 hours, it was nearly 100% recharged, and the unit was reading 15% input, though the panel was dead on facing the sun.  So obviously the unit adjusts the power in to keep the battery from overcharging or something.  Took it the panel more than a couple of hours later to be sure it was fully charged and will check it again tomorrow when I water the other half of the garden.


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