bees and hair

We all have hair, and what does it have to do with bees?  As my bees are gentle, am often by the hive without protection, both to observe or to change the feeder bottle.  Usually the latter is done in the early AM.  This morning was running a little late, and the bees were already active, with quite a few at the feeder.  had switched bottles and was trying to get a shot of a bee with pollen going into the hive when one of the bees got stuck in my hair

hairThere was no harm intended, it just got caught in the mess of my hair and unfortunately, when that happens, they tend to land on the hair and walk towards the DARK not the light. which means its walking towards my head not away.  It took a lot of head shaking and hair wiggling to get it out without getting stung.  It has happened before and it has resulted in a sting, so I should know better.  From now on, at least a hat, if not a veil, even to change the feeder.

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