garden journal update

May 11, 2016.  Most of garden is planted.  Am not really good at planning the garden.  Get some of it down, but the plan has to be adjusted because of how much space I used for the alliums, how long it takes for one seasons crops to be harvest before the next can be planted, trying to rotate growing areas in a small space, what the weather is.  and that’s the nice thing about using containers, especially the light weight grow bags, they allow for the easy expansion of space.

IMG_0766 (765x1024) in past years this container area has been packed solid. but since other areas were expanded, there is less demand for here.  Yellow plum tomatoes in the green bags, and watermelon in the little bag at the front of the picture.  The watermelon seedlings were purchased as we are not big watermelon eaters here, so how much would we want at one time?!?!

IMG_0767 (1024x768)part of the flower/herb garden around the main.  There is a honeysuckle, not photographed immediately to my right in the previous shot, then there is this area where there is hyssop, poppies, bee balm, blanket flower and sage in the corner

IMG_0768 (1024x768) around the corner and sage to the left with an assortment of other flowers filling the space


IMG_0770 (768x1024) striped roma, an heirloom tomato to the front of the bed (second hoop forward).  Left over garlic from last year under that second hoop. a melon beyond that, another puchased seedling.  then some misc tomatoes that are being grown from saved seed from purchased heirlooms last spring, then snow peas all the way in the back

IMG_0771 (1024x768)Eastern bed, the spaghetti squash in the foreground, and spinach, asian greens, and chard under the shade cloth.  This whole growing area gets A LOT OF SUN and will be covered with a shade cloth this weekend.

IMG_0772 (1024x768)This grow bag is 3’ across and some 2 feet tall and growing garlic

IMG_0773 (1024x768)This bed is about 2 feet by 20 and growing shallot and walking onions.  On the other side of the fence, both photos, are the bags of asparagus.  This area also gets a LOT OF SUN and will get shade cloth too.

IMG_0774 (1024x768)another grow bag, 3 x 2, a mix of garlic and onions.  Just hate throwing away seedlings of any sort! This is a naturally shaded are

IMG_0775 (1024x685)from the right, lemon balm, kiwi, arugula, and the bag for the walking onion tops (to control where they walk!). Also a naturally shaded area, more sun over the next two months, then slowly will get shadier and shadier

IMG_0776 (1024x768) from the right, a failed fig, rhubarb, 3 blueberries, and way in the back a miniature nectarine and some basil. To the left of the nectarine, is a composter and in front another smaller container of rhubarb

IMG_0777 (1024x768)again, from the right, roma tomatoes and basil plus so sprouting seeds of ??? from the compost that was mixed in.  Cocozelle, a bush zuchinni. probably overplanted with seven plants in one 3 x 2 container, and far left are an assortment of pepper plants.  This whole area is eastern exposure, but has shade from probably 2-3pm .  All these annuals will get fencing around them soon to protect them from the little creatures that like to munch!

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