Friday 13 update

More watering, more planting.  Using my GZ Yeti 400 to power the water pump, though charged 2 days ago, it read 80% when I plugged it in.  BUT only 60% when I shut it off. Then used it for the other pump and it still read 60% when I finished there.  Am told this is part of working with the unit, that the battery gets stronger as its used, or something equivalent.

Anyway, last year had planted 2 figs; one was a bare root that finally sprouted a new trunk during the year. This year, noticed the tip of that was shriveling and turning dark, so figured it wasn’t going to make it.  The other was a good 5′ tree that gave me 6 figs.  But is doing NOTHING this year and see the soil in the container is soaking wet.  So did it get too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, Too much difference between hot and cold?  Who knows. THEN I pulled out the first one and saw there were two little green buds so have replanted it in a smaller container.

Meanwhile, in the large container that I’d used for the fig, put two Boysenberry plants, and planted a third in another container.  The 3 plants were in one pot when I bought them.

Also transplanted some of my comfrey from the container in the west garden area into the ground in the east garden area as well as leveled out the bird bath in the same area.

Have started harvesting my onions.  Since these are “walking” onions, figure they can probably stay in the ground until I need them.

Putting up the shade cloth this weekend.  Have extended the support for the shade cloth over the container growing area so I can more easily walk in there as well as give room for things to grow without bumping into the sagging material of the covering.

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