Nothing much to really say at this point.  Used the GZ to water, but didn’t get a chance to recharge it due cloud cover, so another experiment, how will the battery hold a partial charge, for how long, until we get sunshine again?

Am also cutting WAAAYYY back on feeding the bees.  Its been lots of wet, lots of flowers, good pollen flow with the Mesquite just coming into flower, a MAJOR source of pollen here. Do need to get back into the hive though and move the temporary back as they are filling up the front big time.

For the most part, the garden is planted, with spring plants still doing okay, but finishing up and the summer stuff just getting started.  Over the weekend had put up the shade cloth on the main garden. The new support worked fine, tested yesterday when a major storm blew threw, dropping 1″ hail, wind, rain, thunder.  All the plants under it are okay, everybody watered thoroughly, and the shade remains in place so I can walk under it comfortably for the first time since starting that container area.

Finally mulching.  Got a bit more than half of the main garden area mulched and am getting ready to do the REALLY BIG containers in one of the other grow areas. It is amazing the difference mulch makes, it was a matter of finding the right materials. Last year discovered the crushed coconut shell stuff, and then for my B’day, got a mulcher.  We’ve had to learn its quirks, but will be making our own from now on.   While I was looking forward to using Ollas, they didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Maybe cause I wasn’t mulching too.  While the last two years have been El Nino years with LOTS of water, the La Nina that follows will put us back into the drought cycle, and every drop will matter.

We got another rain tank, now have to wait for it to be hooked up.  What a shame it wasn’t ready for yesterday’s rain! This is an 1100 gallon tank. lower and wider than our 1000 gallon tank, hides nicely behind the brush and trees.  It never would have fit where our 1000 gallon tank sits, just shows what’s available these days – a wide range of sizes and styles, and with the tax, it came to just a bit over $700. We had to trailer it home ourselves and supply our own bib and screen, but a big savings over the Poly mart. That came with those things, but had to be trucked in.  Actually, the only reason we beat the trucking all together was the tank place had already ordered the tank for their inventory and had already arranged for shipment to their location. We do have a trailer, so no biggie.

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