garden update with pictures


0519160831_resizedearly morning bee in the zucchini flower

0519160832_resizedthis is the new container area, tomatoes, zuchinni and peppers

0519160855_resizedfinally got around to mulching, lots of rain last two days, a good time when everything is soaked

0519160856_resizeddidn’t bother mulching the zucchini with its big leaves, but did get the peppers

0519160856a_resizedAmerican Ginseng, second year. protected in a container to be sure that nothing munches on them and they get a good start.  Will put them in the ground in this location since they are doing well in this spot

0519160856b_resizedThis was supposed to be a variety of shallot. looks more like regular onions to me. will set these aside for replanting in later in the season

0519160857_resizedanother early morning visitor

0519160858_resizedplanted this garden I guess year before last, threw in wild flower seeds last year.  There was just one small red yarrow plant last year, this year its in competition with the blanket flower to take over the garden. Love it!

0519160858a_resizedThis is the main garden with its cover.  With the1”  hail we had on Saturday, it was a good thing this cover was up!

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