For all the socks that I’ve knitted over the years, yesterday bought 8 pairs of socks.  Not my fingers (nor my patience) can deal with fine sock yarns and the dozens of stitches it takes just to make one row, much less enough rows to make a pair of socks.  So my socks are good looking, fit fine, but when it comes to hiking, they can irritate the h*** out of my feet, with their big stitches.

If you don’t know the brand, Thorlo.  Right now, having a buy 3 and get one pair free sale, plus free shipping when you buy more than 3 pair.  Buying 8 pair on their web site was less than buying 8 pair on Amazon Prime.  They are expensive, they will also last a VERY long time.  Their suggestion is to wash them using liquid fabric softener.  Does not happen here, so they only last 8-10 years.

And if I’m going to hike again, want my feet to be comfortable.

Buy socks – THORLO!

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