more dehydration fun

Will be doing some traveling this summer and getting enough gluten free fiber is always an issue.  Even finding a good GF source of fiber for at home is sometimes difficult!  So this is a take off on an absolutely horrid GF hot granola I had in CA a couple of months ago.

Started with 1C of Bob’s Red Mill GF steel cut oats, plus 1/4C each amaranth, millet, sorghum and buckwheat (groats) plus 8 cups of water, a little salt and in this case, brown sugar (salt and sugar “to taste”).  When cooked, using a slow cooker, spread out on sheets in the dehydrator.  This took a really really long time because I made it too thick on the sheets and had to keep turning them and breaking them up to get it completely try.

IMG_0831 (1024x768) Realized at this point that I have a few choices here, crumbled it up fine or leave chunky.  It was pretty tasty just as it was, or could leave it chunky and use with milk / cottage cheese / yogurt like a regular cereal, or it could still be reconstituted into a hot porridge again.  It could be crushed for use as sprinkles on what ever, or rehydrated.  It takes up much less space when crushed if that’s an issue.

Total weight was 345 grams, divided by 8 (8 cups = 8 servings), and it was a fraction over 43g/serving.  Weighing that out resulted in 1/2C of the crushed or just a hair over 3/4C in the chunky (actually 4/5C).

IMG_0833 (1024x768)IMG_0834 (1024x768)

On the left is having added 1/2C of boiling water, on the right after its been sitting and stirred.  Added strawberries to this for today’s breakfast

One can, of course, add fruit before drying, or add it after before putting it up.  Use honey instead of sugar.  Add dry milk into the original mix.  Add Flax or Chia seeds.  All depending on taste and usage.

Can see putting this into serving size packaging to take with us on the road. Can also see vacuum packing it for the emergency pack in the van, and keeping some on hand in my food stores.

Next experiment, dehydrating yogurt.  Saw it on the Excalibur FB page and am going to try it; one to add to the above, and just cause I like experimenting.

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