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collecting rain

monsoons have begun, rain and wind slowed down enough to get out and take a picture.  In the background you see a gutter extension which is going to our new 1100 gallon tank.  There is a similar extension from the … Continue reading

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garden update

for the bees garden is doing surprisingly well since it is as hot as it has been, with weeks in the 100Fs!  the main garden is well covered both from the top and from the side. eastern side with screening, … Continue reading

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pepper sandwich

While we were on vacation, spent three days in a “cabin” with kitchen and other luxuries so we could have our own meals while doing Yellowstone.  Early morning breakfast for me was cottage cheese and my breakfast jerky (see earlier … Continue reading

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breakfast “jerky”

my dehydration experiment with cooked grains and fruits resulted in something that was chewy, compared to the hard stuff I got the first time, hence the name  Breakfast Jerky.  Was able to just chew on pieces of the sheets, they … Continue reading

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more dehydration experiments

Made my whole grain cereal again this week adding honey instead of sugar, and a full pint each of raspberries (which disintegrated) and blueberries.  Spread a couple of cups on official Excalibur silicone sheets.  On the left is before, and … Continue reading

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got stung

The heat is on and wanted to check on the progress of the bees as we will be away all next week.  As soon as the temps hit 100F everything stopped blooming, or nearly everything.  The beautiful honeysuckle? not a … Continue reading

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