got stung

The heat is on and wanted to check on the progress of the bees as we will be away all next week.  As soon as the temps hit 100F everything stopped blooming, or nearly everything.  The beautiful honeysuckle? not a flower petal to be seen.  Even my blanket flower and yarrow have slowed down. Comfrey shut down.  All the veggies shut down. It’s the end of the mesquite, acacia, and bird of paradise flowers.  And the next round won’t be until the weather cools and/or the rains come.

IMG_0851looking in at the 8th bar.  The previous 7 are full of bees, brood, BUT very little capped syrup.  Well, didn’t go further up than the 5th, but less syrup than there was last time I looked, so presume the previous are the same.

IMG_0852Moved the temp back,  back though, and wanted to keep count so hence this pic.  While they are not far along on bar 8, they seemed to be checking out 9, 10, and 11.  and were even looking behind the temporary back.

And YES, I got stung.  Almost as soon as I’d opened the hive. Right through my pants leg. other than smoke the site, nothing much I could do. Wasn’t going to pull down my pants and expose more skin to the possibilities of more stings!

IMG_0853by the time I got home, the welt was a good 1” across.  topical antihistamine will hopefully take care of it!

Yes, the bees were a little feisty this morning, had to use more smoke than usual and take a step back and let them settle down a few times!

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