more dehydration experiments

Made my whole grain cereal again this week adding honey instead of sugar, and a full pint each of raspberries (which disintegrated) and blueberries.  Spread a couple of cups on official Excalibur silicone sheets.  On the left is before, and on the right after a few hours in the dehydrator. Time to flip!


0607161057a_resized this is what was stuck to the sheets after flipping, the bottom very wet while the top very dry. scored the mess and put it back into the dehydrator.  After several more hours, again the top and edges while dry while the middle still wet.  Turned off dehydrator and let it all sit for the moisture to even out.


cut this up and switched over to my “solar” dehydrator to finish.  Again, middle was pretty moist still, while edges were crunchy dry.  In the future, will just lay this out in “bars” or “cookies” instead of this big glob.

0608160550_resized0608160637_resized  My solar dehydrator is just an old Ronco electric with the electric element removed.  got it cheap at the thrift before all the “prepping” nonsense hit and paid between $7 and $15 for three of them.  One went to a niece, dumped one body that had cracked, and kept one base and top and a whole lot of shelves.  It never did work well as an electric, but it works great as a solar.  You can see on the left how big the holes are in the top.  They are about the same in the bottom.  The bottom has added screening to keep the bugs out and as you can see in the pic on the right, have put on a mesh screen over the top and just used their “adjustable” piece to hold it down and cover the center whole.  Now it will just sit outside in the Arizona DRY heat and let the air and sun do its magic.

This stuff winds up pretty crunchy, but its no worse than eating Grape Nuts, plus being gluten free with lots of nutrition!

0607161100_resized Found “yogurt taffy” on the Excalibur face book page. Just drying lumps of yogurt at 125F.  Tried it out with some cheap flavored Yoplait. Wouldn’t call it taffy, more like yogurt leather.  Started out on the silicone sheets in the electric dehydrator, then flipped them onto the “solar” dehydrator to finish off.  A burst of sweet, without eating a whole thing of yogurt.  Can see adding yogurt to mushed fruit when making fruit leather to get a little more nutrition into the snack!

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