garden update

for the bees

IMG_0872 (1024x768)IMG_0873 (768x1024)IMG_0874 (1024x768)IMG_0877 (1024x768)

IMG_0880 (1024x768)

garden is doing surprisingly well since it is as hot as it has been, with weeks in the 100Fs!  the main garden is well covered both from the top and from the side. eastern side with screening, western side with the neighbors new fence. That is also protecting it from the winds.  Mulch is also making a difference

IMG_0875 (768x1024) spaghetti squash in the foreground, chard in the back. Chard doing well despite the heat. Squash starting to catch up after a slow start for some reason.  Maybe because the garden is really covered up and protected from the sun now

IMG_0876 (768x1024)tomatoes, foreground are striped romas, and intermediate heirloom.  Then there is a store bought melon seedling that’s also finally catching on, there are some unidentified heirlooms from purchased tomatoes we liked and there are also some dill plants back there.  Way in the back are the peas I let go to seed. Time to get them out and get some carrots in there

IMG_0878 (768x1024)yellow plum tomatoes in grow bags

IMG_0879 (768x1024)That’s a watermelon with a lavender and russian sage in the foreground (for the bees)

IMG_0881 (768x1024) the geraniums seem to keep going all winter in the greenhouse and in the summer in the shade next to the spa

IMG_0882 (1024x453)along the eastern fence, boysenberry, rhubarb, blueberry, basil and a nectarine

IMG_0883 (768x1024) best the peppers have ever done

IMG_0884 (768x1024)zuchinni is happy in this grow bag. need to get a second planting in though as this particular variety (cocozelle) is a bush and reaches an end.

IMG_0885 (1024x768)roma tomatoes, volunteer I’m not sure what yet (thought it was a melon, but not think it might be a winter squash of some sort)

IMG_0886 (1024x768)rhubarb.  Thought I’d lost this plant as I’d split one of my plants and made the mistake of harvesting right away instead of letting it grow in. This is a short fat pot and the stems don’t get longer than this.

IMG_0887 (768x1024) This plant was in the same type of pot as the other last year and transplanted it into this much bigger grow bag and you can see the difference.  good 10”+ long stalks rather than the 4-7” I was getting before.

IMG_0888 (768x1024)this fig was originally bought as a bare root that never leafed out. Then another stalk came up from the base. But that didn’t come back this year either and now something is coming up again.  So maybe I can’t do figs here.  The other plant never leafed out again either, but now has new growth coming up from the root base.

IMG_0889 (1024x688) These potatoes are along the west fence where they could be cooler.  The four black bags are all from formal seed potatoes. the green bag was a store bought potato that put out growth.  as dry as they all look, they were soaked yesterday!

IMG_0890 (1024x767)strawberries are doing okay. again, these were all watered well yesterday and look bone dry today.  But are doing much better here on the west side of the building than they did the first time I tried strawberries on the east side.  All about finding micro environments

because we’ve been traveling more than usual this year, the garden is not doing all I’d really want it to be doing.  The asparagus came up okay. was supposed to be 3 year roots and harvestable this year.  Let the few stalks that came up in the spring go, but they were few and sparce.  See some new ones have just come up now for some reason, and am letting those go too.

no one watered the ginseng while we were gone so not sure if they will survive Sad smile

Need to plant bush beans, zucchini and get the carrots going.  in one of the more shaded containers need to get some broccoli in.  Will also be starting some lettuce in one of the main garden beds all for fall harvest.

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