collecting rain

monsoons have begun, rain and wind slowed down enough to get out and take a picture.  In the background you see a gutter extension which is going to our new 1100 gallon tank.  There is a similar extension from the garage roof on the other side of the courtyard.  Later will try to figure out how many gallons went into the tank.  Absolutely 100 minimum,  maybe 200, Maybe double that as I’m thinking of how much I know comes down the one side alone.  Not much compared to 1100, but it’s a start!  and that’s water I don’t have to buy now.  yes, it will take our lifetimes combined for these tanks to “pay” for them. Personally, am glad to (1) be able to afford them without worrying about their value in that manner and (2) am thrilled to not be drawing on our city water reserves for my gardening needs and (3) no matter how much HE needles me about how much our water costs, HE agrees that rainwater is best for all things garden!


*** went to clean off the debris on the top of the rain tank this AM after yesterday’s downpour, and while I was there decided to look in and see how much water had accumulated and the tank is at least 3/4 full!  One rain!! about 750 gallons!!  Bought too small a tank!!!

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