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The band of monsoon rains has passed leaving me with a full 1100 gallon tank of water.  PLUS the 1000 and 650 gallon and 350 gallon tanks!!  Ran out yesterday and got a hook up to create an overflow line. Otherwise it will just pour out and undermine the footing for the tank!  That was a poor design!!  And unfortunately, the only large hose I could find was a pool hose and its BLUE!  so much for blending in with the vegetation!!  It will do until I can find another though

Planted more zucchini. For those who can’t believe there is a need to replant zucchini, I use a bush variety and am growing in containers.  So they reach a point where they are small leaved and really don’t produce much fruit.  This keeps me in zucchini without having huge monster plants devouring my garden space.  Also planted some bush beans today too.

Put up shade cloths over the two beds used for the above.  Despite all the rain and shade and wet, the ground is bone dry and its nothing but HOT out there!

Have been using this coconut husk mulch and really like it. it gets expensive, but doesn’t everything?!  The blocks are easy to move on site and then you can either wet it down in the wheelbarrow and shovel in place, or break it up, scatter it, then water.  I do the former.  The block I’d set up in the wheel barrow did not completely cover the bed where the zucchini was just planted, much less leave enough for the beans, so just ordered 3 more blocks.

Notice I’ve said bed and that I grow the zucchini in containers.  I use damn big containers!  The so called beds are really nothing more than in ground pots – holes in the earth lined with pavers then filled with dirt to keep the burrowing critters out!  The first lot of zucchini is in a 3′ diameter 24″ deep grow bag, the second planting is in a 20foot, by 2 feet x 18″ deep in ground container.  With work, could improve our red dirt, which is nothing more than broken down sandstone, but would still have the problem of gophers burrowing up into them.  ALL my beds are lined one way or the other – the flower beds lined with screening rather than pavers.  Have already had the experience of having the gophers eat the roots of everything when the dry season comes.

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