keeping track

4 of the 7  zucchini seeds planted have come up.  Nothing showing yet on the bush beans or the carrots (did mention I’d planted carrots where the peas had been? and when I harvest the peas all the ripe pods that I was saving for seed were gone?).

Finished mulching the bean planting area and the zucchini.

pulled the Asian greens and am getting ready to plant more  beans there and mulch on top of it.

Record breaking heat wave.  For Phoenix, its not the longest stretch of plus 100F days, but the hottest as 100 and 101 count for that record. This year the highs  have rarely gone below 104, with far too many days at 110 and more.  We’re about 12F cooler, so you can tell its been hot here.  We usually get to upper 90’s, low 100’s for maybe a few days here and there scattered across the summer.  This year, the air conditioner has been on 24/7 since the end of June.  NEVER before.  Maybe a couple of straight days during the hot and humid monsoons, but most other mornings its cool enough to open up the house and turn on the fans and cool it down to the mid/low 60’s.  This year? Not so much.

Am glad I’ve discovered mulch as its cut down watering by a lot.  This kind of weather would have been an everyday, maybe twice a day, chore.  This year, more like every 2-3 days.  That will make the water in the tanks last soo much longer.

Oh yeah, have decided to forgo growing onions.  Don’t have enough room to plant enough of them, far enough apart, to get real good size onions.  Same for the shallots. Keep the space available for things I can grow.

And who knows when the next rains will come.  See that snow levels of 6700 feet in Oregon for a storm coming through. Snow expected for Yellowstone and The Tetons. and here it is, nearly mid-July.  But the storm isn’t moving far enough south to bring rain to us.

Nothing happening with the weather folks, nothing to see here, just move along and don’t worry  . . . .  this won’t effect food production, or deliveries.  Just be prepared to open up the wallet a little more while California stays dry and the rest of the country floods.

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