bee update

forest fire not far away and wanted to see how the bees were doing.  still too hot to open the hive, all that new comb is soft enough, even softer in the heat, and with the fire and the lack of pollen availability, don’t want to threaten them

IMG_0905right after I took this picture, a lot of bees few into the hive.  not much pollen to be seen, and even my own flower garden is light right now. made worse by the damage done during a hail storm a couple of days ago.  had to really cut back on my blanket flower and bee balm particularly and the  honeysuckle is doing little.  except for a couple of squash blossoms (and I mean a couple), its pretty scare for the bees

IMG_0906but the hive looks healthy and is continuing to build comb, though slowly

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