slow around the house

Its been wicked hot, although finally getting some cooler weather, and that leads to a lot of changes in the garden.  And that’s a different post

2016gardenharvested some chard for eating and freezing

0823160827a_resizedgot   a  “jerky cannon” and what a difference that makes!  Around here, the dog gets home dried chicken and beef jerky rather than paying for that foreign stuff.  Every week I buy large packages of chicken breast and ground sirloin. What ever is left at the end of the week goes into jerky and we get fresh.

Up until now, have been pounding out the ground beef as flat as I can and cutting into strips.  This makes a lot of difference as the strips are equal thickness and MUCH thinner than anything I was doing by hand. So it dried quicker and more evenly.  Next step is to make jerky for us!

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