bee update

opened the hive this morning after a few months. Its been so hot, did not want to stress them even more. BUT was concerned as with the heat, there wasn’t much flowering, even with all the wet we’ve had.  Was pleased to see that the hive is strong and healthy and they are accumulating honey stores.  Fortunately, we have at least another month for them to build up honey, and though we often get a hard freeze in October, we then usually again have mild winter through November.  if we have a good winter, the rosemary stays in bloom through most of it, and the manzanita begins to flower February/March. So its not a long winter. 

while I opened from the back and moved forward, the pics are the opposite

comb6backthe back of the 6th comb.  at this point I saw honey and brood, so didn’t go any further forward

comb7frontthe front of the seventh comb, some honey and a little bit of brood

comb7backback of the seventh comb, about half honey, no brood

comb8backthis is the 8th comb.  front and back all open and new.  Unfortunately they had started to cross comb this on – that little tab on the right was attached to the 9th bar.  good thing I opened this now as I was able to fix that.

comb9just cut the comb off the 9th bar and pushed the still soft comb forward so it was aligned with the 8th bar

combcrossthis is how the cross comb looked.

All the active combs were attached to the sides of the hive box and had to be cut to move the comb.  That was one of the reasons I didn’t go further forward.

Left the false back at space 16.  Will move that in October.

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