This project used up most of what was left the Berocco Remix yarn from my previous projects.  There may be enough left of two colors to do a headband, but that’s about it.

0914160628_resizedWhile I didn’t need the length, used the last of the grey to make this lacy edging.  Unfortunately, when it was all done, found I’d dropped SIX consecutive stitches and had to remedy that.  It broke pattern, but not too badly. 

0914160629_resized The lace, being a tighter gauge than the stockinette is really stretched to be worn low and the sweater will be worn like this rather than the first picture.

This is not quite 2 full balls of the purple, loosely knit on 13 needles.  Negative ease . . am about a 41 bust and the actual measurement is more like 38 or 39”.

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