stash buster

This is a knit “basket”, found the pattern in a magazine awhile back – you know how it goes, you pull out the page, put it in your to do pile and one day you stumble back across it and realize you actually have some yarn that would be perfect for that project, some yarn you will likely use for nothing else because . . .

IMG_0917This is a cheap acrylic yarn picked up at the thrift store, but its one of those coarse acrylics, almost the consistency of a rug yarn. Nothing you want for a sweater or something against your skin.  The project used up just over 300 grams of yarn.  Its basically a long rectangle (24” x 14”) , garter stitch, using short rows to create a narrow edge to the rectangle. pick up stitches on the long side of the rectangle, knit one row, bind off next.  Yarn passes through the short edge and is pulled tight to make the bottom gather. Seam sewn up the back.  Pick up stitches on the back to create the tab, knit to 5.5inches, button hole (this was just a simple yarn over, dropped on the next row), knit few more rows. bind off. done.  button from the button stash (we all do have one, right?)

The bind off on the knitted long edge tightens that up a bit.  Am using this for hold the plastic bags I use for the dog’s poop collector.

As simple as this is, can actually see a lot of uses for this, or variations.  Even for use as a garbage collector in the car!  Change the dimensions, make it fancy or plain, a double tab for a wider “basket”.  With the right materials, this can also be used as a hanging planter!

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