canning problem

just made up some chicken broth using on sale Chicken legs.  Ended up with 5 quart jars with some chicken meat and broth, and 4 quart jars of just broth.  Canner only holds 7 quart jars, so 2 went right into the fridge.  The 5 were canned used Tattler lids, the other 2 with regular style canning lids.

4 of the Tattler sealed, the other 3 did not.

So this morning, since I didn’t want to end up with 5 quarts in the fridge, took those three and one of the ones I’d put in the fridge and recanned.  Everything got heated well, fresh lids (reused the tattler after cleaning well) scalded and held hot.

One of the things I did notice, the jars where the lids sealed continued bubbling and boiling for some time after removal from the canner, while the ones that didn’t seal, did not.

Just removed the 4 quarts from the canner and the 3 with regular lids are still bubbling and boiling. The one with the tattler lid is bubbling just a little bit.  Just to be sure, checked the tightness of the bands of the ones with the regular lids and they are tight right now.

will leave a note in the comments section about how well they did, or did not, seal!

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