The turkey, rice and vegetable soup I’d previously dehydrated got weighed out and packaged.  Six quarts, weighed out the total dried, divided by six and that many grams went into a plastic sandwich bag, made a label, then shrink wrapped each one.  So the instructions are sealed from water damage, dust, fading, peeling

IMG_0937Turkey soup ready to go into a backpack, the go bag, long term storage, or tonights dinner

IMG_0938 Refried beans.  This time,weighed out the total, divided by the number of servings (from the original pot of refrieds, one ladle was enough for a breakfast or dinner side, so each ladle counted as a serving), measured that amount which turned out to be 1/2C dried.  So just put that info on the jar.

IMG_0935dehydrating chili.  Made about 7 quarts, we had for dinner last night, sharing one with a friend, and drying the rest.  Will probably package this batch as I did with the refrieds.  If it works well, will make up a batch for packaging as I did with the soup.

Its approximately a one to one water to dried food, with the beans and chili.  The soup will be the amount in water that is intended as a serving.

All it takes is the right tools, and I can package up what we need, to our taste, and I know everything that went into it.

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