solar cooking experiment

I live in the absolutely sunny state of AZ.  And this is important to this story.

As we journey into fall, shorter days, sun lower to the horizon, the sun’s usefulness for solar cooking changes, at least for me.

Up until today, the only thing I have used solar for is to heat up some left overs; a dark colored pot sitting on an aluminum baking tray worked fine over about 3 hours to warm up some lasagna for lunch.

Today, I tried to cook rice.  That gets a big thumbs down!

first, in the matter of you get what you pay for, bought an inexpensive solar cooker.  Did not want to make the big investment until I knew if it would work out for us.  the bottom line was, two hours in the sun and the water had barely gotten warm.  TOTAL miscalculation of how long for everything to get to temp before the cooking even begins. This might have been okay if we were going to eat that rice for dinner, but not for lunch. Unfortunately, we eat our main meal at noon.  So even with a better quality solar cooker, it still might not do the job, at least in winter.  In summer, I could start that rice at 6am, but at this time of year, 9am maybe, and in another month, not until 10.

The reason this is coming up is my slow cooker died.  So now I’m considering things like stews, roasts, beans, rice, that I was cooking in that device going to solar.    and its looking like, cook it today to eat it tomorrow!

Now, that’s not totally out of the question, but then there is the matter of orientation.  Will I remember, have the opportunity, to go out and reposition the cooker throughout the day?

Would love any feedback on who is working with solar cooking and how its going.


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