hive update October 22, 2016

last time I went by the hive saw only a few bees on the landing board and they were bigger and darker than those I usually saw, so wondered if the hive was throwing out the drones for the winter, all I had was drones, or had someone else taken over the hive.

Our weather has been low 50’s at night, with 80’s during the day, so still warm, although the days are visibly shortening.  Probably the bees respond to a combination of both

IMG_0940 (1068x799)This was the sight that greeted me when  the top came off this morning.  Bees protecting from the spider attack

IMG_0941 (800x1069)The bees sealed this section well, this is the false back at the 16th bar position

IMG_0942 (800x1069)Took awhile to get it unglued

IMG_0943 (1280x960)back of the ninth comb.  a few bees, all empty

IMG_0944 (1067x799)the front of #nine, some capped honey, but not much

IMG_0945 (1067x799)back of #8, a little capped honey, pretty much nothing else

IMG_0946 (1280x960)front of #8, some capped honey, not really anything else

IMG_0947 (1280x960)back of #7, some capped honey and few capped pollen, no brood

IMG_0948 (1280x556) front of #7

IMG_0949 (1280x764)back of #6, again some capped honey, but not much, a few capped pollen, no brood

IMG_0950 (1280x452)back of #5, same as above

At this point I’m getting concerned.  Had not gone this far forward in August and at that time there was some capped honey, some capped brood, a lot more bees.  the drop off in bees is to be expected, but that total lack of brood concerns me greatly as well as the small amount of honey

IMG_0951 (1263x958)This is comb #3, just a few cells of capped honey, nothing else

IMG_0952 (1280x773)back of #2, a few capped honey, nothing else.

Think the queen is in that ball on the back of #7, but never got a good look at her when I hived the package, so can’t be sure.

Did move the false back to #13.  still so warm don’t want to overheat the hive, but want them to get the message that its smaller and to contract.  They have not sealed off any of the front opening.

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