more on solar cooking

Have had a little opportunity to use the

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete Cookware, Dehydrating Racks, and Thermometer

That I bought on Amazon.  Over the weekend, did a lasagna through out Saturday, and then heated it up in the oven on Sunday melting in some mozzarella cheese.  Best damn Lasagna I’ve ever made!  It was moist and tasty having had time to meld all those flavors and cook the noodles thoroughly.  Have also done some lentils in it.

It did come with some cookware, including two small collapsible black silicone pots with lids.  The black is great for absorbing heat, the silicone keeps them easy to clean and light weight, the collapsible makes them portable


they will collapse when full of rice and water if you hold them wrong!

One of the pieces of cookware is a round spotted enamel roasting pan type and since I could find NO other black silicone cookware, found another oval one.  Clear glass for the lasagna really didn’t build up as much heat around the lasagna itself as it would have if it had been dark.  Unfortunately, my dark metal loaf pans aren’t big enough for what I needed to make.

Went down to our local kitchen gadgetry shop today to look for silicone cook ware and he was amazed that I had BLACK.  he’d never even seen black!  But now I’ve put that worm in his ear, he may go looking for it just for people who want to solar cook.


a silicone roasting sheet.  Was looking for some metal racks for the two metal pans and instead found this silicone roasting mat

of course 1/3 the price on amazon than I paid – was able to cut this to shape so I have a mat for each pan instead of metal racks.

If tomorrow is as sunny as today, will put out some pork chops in the morning in one of the baking pans and let them cook through the AM as I have to go get x-rays in the morning in the next town over.


did put two silver colored x 5lb weights in the oven.  They fit right under the rack, hold a lot of heat, and keep that oven weighted down in the wind.

The experiments continue


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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I have been looking at this oven, and thinking about buying it. Now I know it actually works 🙂 Thank you!

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