more soup and tattler lids


canningCanned the rest of the ham and bean soup last night, with additional experimentation

Left rear, single use lid, reused.  This had been a light seal that I was able to open with my thumbs resulting in no deforming of the lid, so what the Hey, tried it anyway and it didn’t seal.

Right rear, this is a new Tattler lid and as I was taking it out of the canner accidently grabbed it by the band which caused the whole thing to come off the jar.  Reset the lid, and put the band on tight and it sealed well.  This will be considered a not properly processed jar and will go into the fridge for first use

Left front, wide mouth tattler lid, first use. Good seal

Middle, reused tattler lid did not seal

right front, reused tattler lid, sealed well.

contrary to my post of yesterday, the right front jar came out of the canner still bubbling and boiling.

Before reusing the lids, made sure that all the bands were clean, recleaned the tattler lids and sealing rings well, made sure the mouth of the jars was clean.  Am not sure that I’m going to keep using Tattler lids, but will continue the experiment with the lids I have.

The jars of soup that have failed to seal will get dehydrated – a different experiment which seems to be working well; creating my own dehydrated meals which I seal with the vacuum sealer for future use.

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2 Responses to more soup and tattler lids

  1. You know I have tried the tattler lids also. I’m not really sold on them. I have never (Thankfully) had jars not seal with the 1 use lids. However every single time i have used the tattler at least 1 jar of each batch doesn’t seal.
    What really pushed me over the edge, I made chicken broth they sealed and rug removed lift test sealed! Then a week later went to use one ALL unsealed 😔

    • morgaineotm says:

      am agreeing with you. Know there are others who are pleased with them, but have absolutely no faith in them for long term storage. Will keep an eye on the ONE reused lid with this batch of bean soup. Thanks for the heads up on that!

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