beans and bees

Christmas means a ham, which then means bean and ham soup.  This year managed 10 quarts.  Did both regular canning as well as experimenting with the Tattler lids. 

canning Ultimately, 2 quarts ended up not sealing, and those I dehydrated.  The Tattler lids are disappointing, not sealing well on the second useage, and have little faith in them for long term storage.

bean soupThese silicone baking pans each hold one quart of liquid soup and are perfect for dehydrating.  Stir regularly, don’t let the heat get too high.

beansoupand two quarts of dried soup end up looking like this.  Please note, Dehydrated beans need a little extra time in the water to become soft.  Otherwise, they are a little chewy and dry and there are those who will complain about that!


Think my bees are gone.  After the last photos I took, showing little honey, went by and it seemed empty.  Without opening it completely, it was just a best guess, so I put some honey into the feeder and left it, just in case.  and a few days later found the honey was gone.

So on nice days, I put out a little more honey.

Today went by and there were probably a dozen bees gathering honey, but don’t think even one of them live in the hive.  To get into the feeder, they needed to go through the hive though, and that is what they have been doing.

Either the bees abandoned the hive or were robbed and left.  There are some other hives within a mile radius, so am sure they found a home.  Meanwhile, bees are going into the hive, to get into the feeder, to get the honey.

Will continue to feed honey through the winter.  Hopefully, bees will see it as a good place and when swarm season comes, some one will settle in.  otherwise, will use a swarm lure.

The downside is, a swarm is likely to be somewhat, if not totally, africanized.  So care will be needed.

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