better late than never


0121171550_resizedAm finally hanging those sheets and drapes to cut the light into the greenhouse.  They will also offer some dead air space to help even out the temperatures in there.  Could feel the difference as these were going up – it was 80 in there and it’s a cloudy day with a few rays coming through now and again towards the end of the day.

this picture is looking out the west window, left is south.  There is one drape up on the north side, and have two others that are in the wash right now.  Last year had just the two and it made a huge difference, so this will be a very noticeable change.  On the south wall, for the lower winter sun, will just put up some frost blanket to lightly filter the sun, keeping the heavier cover for the top and the summer, when I’ll probably need the big shade cloth over the whole thing too.

Before putting up covers on the windows, seedlings would cook on sunny winter days then freeze at night.  Finally, could only use the shelves on the north wall for seed starts. 

It also made it hard to grow greens on the south wall for winter use, like lettuce and broccoli.  Now I’ll be able to grow winter greens, start seeds, all on the south wall and get rid of the shelves on the north wall and replace them with larger pots on the floor for peas, and even tomatoes.

and will be making a place for my solar oven to work too.

It will take awhile to get used to the new set up, but am sure in the long run it will be for the best!

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