crochet stash buster

Well, it wasn’t really stash, it was 2 skeins of crazy thrift shop yarn, but perfect for this project.  pictures are not necessarily in proper order but they will do


middle pic is finished basket, This was worsted weight yarn, doubled. the bottom was oval.  did some decreases as I started the walls which accounts for the strange bottom shape.  The whole thing is single crochet, passing the hook through the two “top” loops of the previous stitch.  Half way up, I tried just using the back (in this case, outside, as I was knitting from the inside) loops.  The outer stitch appearance didn’t change much, but the inner did.  That’s the picture on the left.  you can also see how it pinched in the cylinder in the center and right hand picture as it did tighten up the gauge.  You can also see in the middle picture, and better in the right hand one, the place where I joined the rows.  That was not neatly done and you can tell for awhile, I was losing a stitch each row.

Figure I could knit grow bags if I wanted . . .

Learned a lot, not the least of which was how easy it is to rip out crochet.  You just go to the single loop and pick it up and move forward.   The bottom was ripped out almost completely once, and the sides  a couple of times.

This basket now holds my knitting needle roll, the large needles that don’t fit in the roll, and will also hold my crochet needle case.  Don’t think my circular knitting needle box will fit in it though, but maybe if I put it in so sat in the bottom.  Its a smaller more compact set up than the leather bag I was using . . . that is now my purse.

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