Sous Vide

One of my “friends” on Facebook has been trying to improve his diet, which lead him to ask for feedback about Sous Vide cooking.

Honestly, its not something that was on my radar, but the comments about how well they work got me doing some research on my own.  One of the things I can’t prepare is good meat.  its always tough. its always dry.  The only time it wasn’t was making a London broil in a closed container in the solar cooker at about 200F for 8 hours.  and the sun doesn’t always shine!  Even here in Arizona.

As I researched immersion machines, found the top rated one was ONLY programmable through a smart phone ap.  Not for me.  The next best brand was Anova with the blutooth option.  On Amazon, a good $142.  Then realized there were a number of units on the market that looked like the Anova but were being marketed under different names.  Its not unusual for Chinese factories to make something they are producing for a brand name and sell them cheap to third parties.  They are usually one or two generations behind what they are producing for the brand.  In this case, no blutooth connection.  Also only $100, so a decent savings.

The one I bought is from PrimoEats

There is also Instapot for $129.

Used it for making swordfish today.  Just put some frozen swordfish steaks in a plastic bag with some teriyaki sauce and cooked at 130F for about 50 minutes.  Then browned them on an cast iron frying pan with a little butter.  Tender, moist, and delicious!

Trying new York strip tomorrow!


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