electric trike

have been looking for / at the idea of an Electric Tricycle for some time.  Living here, the days are usually mild, but traffic is getting worse.  It took quite some time yesterday to make the trip to the other side of town for a few errands and it was under 4 miles!  and a Trike will be quiet with low carbon footprint.

The market choices are increasing and I’ve been sort of waiting for a Pedego. They used to make a trike, and then they stopped and are supposed to come back to it next month. They are not cheap bikes, but there is a Pedego shop in town which would make it convenient for repair and parts. They are also not cheap.

But am now considering this worksman cycle.  made in America, but its biggest draw is the seat.  I’m a bit broad in the beam, so this would be a lot more comfortable than a bike seat! the negative is, just the basket behind the seat which would be a limitation for how much I could carry at a time.  Of course, the bike would make it so I’m more willing to go out a couple of times a week instead of just the one big run . .its also got a hefty 550lb limit.

Oh great, can’t copy and paste contents anymore!  What else can go wrong?? So I’ll type it out!


anyone have any experience with any of the electric Trikes on the market??




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